Lift and Load

Lifting and loading cargo is always fascinating and can be quite tricky – you have to manoeuvre rotating cranes as well as boats and trucks, and you need to be a good driver too. Here, at work on a construction site or in a harbour, you are busy with all kinds of projects. The safety equipment, like headphones and helmets, is just as important as the cargo.

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Lift and Load

33061 Main

Cargo Harbour Set

The container ship sails across the water and arrives in the harbou...


Rail & Road Crane Set

You can always trust this strong mechanical crane to do its job. It...

33210,33210000,33210001 2

Rail & Road Loading Set

Lift and load! This set is packed with lots of play, including two...

33878 Starter Lift And Load Set 2

Lift & Load Starter Set

33887 Lift Load Warehouse Set 2

Lift & Load Warehouse Set


Remote Control Engine

Take Control! This is the Remote Control Engine that will follow yo...


Freight Battery Engine

See the headlights of this freight engine in the distance. You can...

33436 Loader


This front-loader construction vehicle toy will lift the heaviest w...

33472 Tank Wagon

Tank Wagon

This shiny Tank Wagon is ready to transport all types of goods arou...

33528 Tow Truck

Tow Truck

It has never been more fun to have your car break down before! Let...


Freight Ship & Crane

Aye aye Captain! Transport the cargo from water to dry land with th...


Ferry Ship

Ship Ahoy! Trains don’t run on water, but ferries do. So transport...


Fork Lift

Goods and cargo are coming and going with trains and trucks from al...


Car Transporter

Add this car transporter to your Railway world complete with a bran...


Speedy Bullet Train


Clever Crane Wagon

Lift, turn, and deliver. No matter what the goods are, the crane wa...

33886 Cargo Transport Helicopter

Cargo Transport Helicopter

There’s no cooler way to fly than by helicopter. Behind the pilot i...

33894 Cargo Engine W Driver

Cargo Engine with Driver

This is one little engine that offers room for extra fun. With the...

33896 Light Up Gold Wagon

Light Up Gold Wagon

All that glitters isn’t gold – sometimes it’s even better. In this...

33907 Tanker Truck W Wagon

Tanker Truck with Wagon

Service and maintenance is a crucial part of keeping any airport up...

33938 Gold Load Cargo Wagon

Gold Load Cargo Wagon

The red Cargo Wagon needs to transport a precious load of gold nugg...


Grand Roundhouse

Where do the trains go to park? Into the Grand Roundhouse of course...


Freight Goods Station

Lift and load action! Take the load off the wagon with the magnetic...


Train Garage

Where do the trains take a nap? In the BRIO train garage of course....


Signal Station

Decide which way the passing trains go. Turn the red knob to choose...


Gantry Crane

Lifting, hauling and loading have never been more exciting! The Gan...

33889 Crane Mountain Tunnel

Crane & Mountain Tunnel

Every corner of the Crane & Mountain Tunnel offers something new to...

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