Never stop playing

For us, play is vital. It has developed us as a company and as people for over thirteen decades. Our ambition isn’t just to make toys that last generations of play, we believe in enriching lives, in childhood and beyond. The day we stop playing is the day we stop developing. When we leave behind our inner child, we leave behind part of humanity.

Therefore, we want to celebrate the child within us all. Not only the child we once were, but the child we always will be. The child who lets down our guard, who lets curiosity call the shots, with the imagination to see colors in the greyest of days. That child leads us to an essential freedom.

Let’s celebrate 130 years of never growing old.

Let a 5 year old decide
The importance of play.

Play and creativity are of great importance, not only for us at BRIO. There is evidence that play is essential in developing a range of intellectual, emotional and social skills in children. For example, play is a vital contribution to children’s development of language and the ability to control their own cognitive and emotional processes. Pretty important stuff.

New research shows that creative play is increasingly disregarded in today’s society. We want to therefore celebrate 130 years of play rather than our company’s age. We got a head start in November when we awarded Dr. David Whitebread

with the BRIO Prize for his research on the importance of play and creativity in children’s development.

The BRIO Prize is awarded by Lennart Ivarsson’s Scholarship Fund to either a distinguished researcher in child and youth research, or to a charity that makes important contributions to children and adolescents. This was the 20th time we presented the award, and if we can play with the idea, we wouldn’t like to stop.

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