From idea to reality

Before a new BRIO product hits the shelves, it must pass a shape quality review that includes a thorough toy safety check as well. This is carried out in the first design phase on the drawing board and subsequently in the prototypes that are developed. In this process, BRIO’s toy designers ask themselves whether the toy will comply with all legal requirements and with the level of quality, safety and durability BRIO is known for.

Next, the actual materials are selected for the toy and the first complete copies are made. They are subjected to extensive durability tests in which they are exposed to thousands of repetitions in BRIO’s specially designed toy testing machines. The toy will not move on to the next phase until it has passed these tests.

If the toy passes this tough challenge, the next quality assessment includes a mechanical and chemical risk assessment and test of the materials that will be used in production. BRIO typically orders these from regular suppliers. To the extent possible, we use material that already exists in our products and that we have experience and good test records of. The suppliers need to comply with an extensive list of specific requirements, and BRIO subsequently tests the materials for good measure.

BRIO handles the processing and assembly of all toys on its factories in China and the Czech Republic, putting BRIO firmly in control of all processing work.

Finally, the toy is tested in an external lab to guarantee that it meets all mechanical requirements and does not exceed the strict limits on the hundreds of substances with which children’s items and toys must comply with. 

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