Sparking young minds since 1884

With a clean and simple design language, our products encourage and open up a whole universe of fun, where the only limitation is their own imagination. This is a play-philosophy we base all our products on, and it’s one that we’ve stayed true to since the birth of our company.

Play can create a better world. Literally.

We want to give everyone a happy childhood, but we want to give everyone a bright-looking future too. So, all of our wooden toys are made from traceable wood coming from responsibly managed forests.

Our global responsibility

Our products stimulate children of all ages…

Through play, growing bodies and brains get all the stimulation they need to develop. That’s why all our toys are designed to support each stage of a child’s development.

What happens at each age?

…even the ones that refuse to grow old

We just turned 130, yet we feel more vital than ever. And that’s a good thing when working with toys. Because just as play develops children, play has developed us as a company. Giving us decades of knowledge that goes into every product we make.

Our play-philosophy

The DNA of a Dachshund

It’s just a cute toy, right? Actually, there’s lot of stuff hiding behind this Dachshund’s innocent appearance, making sure children and parents can trust him no matter what.

We’ve won ‘Best in show’ quite a few times

We’re not fond of bragging, but our toys have won numerous awards over the years. And since the 1940s, we’ve also been Purveyors to the Swedish Royal Court.

See our awards

But the award we’re most proud of comes from our toughest jury

Getting fancy awards is nice of course. But knowing that children love to play with our toys, and that our products are part of shaping happy childhood memories – this is what triggers us is our daily work.

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