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Infant Care

Fun to shake, rattle and chew! Our infant toys are designed to support each stage of your baby’s development. So what’s your pick? A comforter, bell rattle or teething ring? Here you’ll find infant toys that help very young babies to see, touch and discov...
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My Home Town

What do you want to be when you grow up? Our toy figures let you try out different careers. The farm toys let you play at taking care of a farm and wooden animals. You can play at being a police officer or firefighter with our different toy vehicles. All ...
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Ride On, Walkers

Take it one step at a time! Our walkers and ride-on toys give the support your child needs to get where they’re going. BRIO’s iconic toddler wobbler, rocking horse or world-famous dachshund stay in step with your child as they discover the world.


Playing and learning go hand-in-hand. So BRIO has created pedagogic toys designed to develop your child’s motor skills, logical thinking and creative streak. Magnetic toys, building blocks, musical instruments or BRIO’s classic clown. All our pedagogic to...
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Push - Pull

Where you lead, we will follow! A push-pull toy is the ultimate playmate. Where you lead, these loyal pull-along animals will follow. Here’s our collection of push-pull pals. Have you taken your BRIO dachshund for walkies today?

Smart Tech Sound

My First Railway

Classic Railway

BRIO’s first classic railway was launched in 1958. Its miniature railways have been enchanting children and adults ever since. BRIO is the ultimate classic railway.


Trains, wagon & vehicles

Historic or modern – but always busy, busy, busy! BRIO has engines, trains, wagons and vehicles in different designs from all eras. Which BRIO vehicle will you be driving today? Train, cement truck or ferry?


Tracks & roads

Is it time to take your rail play in a new direction? We have curved, ascending or straight tracks that can take your BRIO railway to a new level. Here we’ve collected all the tracks & roads your railway needs.

Mickey & Friends

Disney Princess


Link to manuals / instructions for older Builder products  Follow the instructions or use your imagination. BRIO Builder is the pe...

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Doll prams - RolePlay


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