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0 months

What’s that sound? Young babies love bold colours, fun sounds and contrasts. Our 0 months toys are created to stimulate, entertain or comfort. Whether it’s a colourful comforter, a jingley rattle or an entertaining teething ring – our infant toys are suit...
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6 months

Peekaboo! When babies are about 6 months old, they’re more interested in the shape and size of their toys. A fun mobile phone with a mirror can keep a baby occupied for hours. Here you’ll find our toys that are designed for babies aged 6 months.

9 months

Time to play! At 9 months, babies love to touch and chew all the toys they can reach. Toys that help a baby of 9 months to explore their surroundings are perfect – like a BRIO Toddler Wobbler.

12 months

Play has never been more fun! At 12 months, your toddler’s motor skills are rapidly developing; they like to pick up and play with small toys. We have toys that children of 12 months love. How about fun building blocks, pull-along animals or magnetic toys...
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18 months

Who doesn’t enjoy music and adventures? Children aged around 18 months love fun sounds and toys that spark their imagination. Music instruments or an exciting railway – both toys are big hits with children aged 18 months. Bang on the big drum or play our ...
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24 months

Chuff chuff, here comes the engine! Children of 24 months love BRIO’s classic railways. Chug up and down hill, connect wagons to the engine and stop at the station – a world of play, powered by imagination. Discover BRIO’s fun world of play, with classic ...
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RolePlay - Games



Mickey & Friends

Disney Princess


Link to manuals / instructions for older Builder products  Follow the instructions or use your imagination. BRIO Builder is the pe...

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6 years and up

Enter the labyrinth! For decades, BRIO’s classic Labyrinth has been fascinating and developing the concentration of children from 6 years and up. This timeless game is still a challenge for all ages and tests your hand/eye coordination to the limit. Here ...
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